Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

G5 Technologies are now able to help you keep track of your company mobile devices such as laptops, mobiles and ipads.

A single misplaced device containing confidential company data could easily cripple a business if it got into the wrong hands. With our Mobile Device Management, we can give you peace of mind knowing that if one of your company devices is ever lost or stolen then we help you locate it and if required, remotely wipe any sensitive data.

An easy to use portal allows you to see all the devices on your network, their GPS location and gives you the ability to send them commands such as; clear passcode, lock device, shut down, send a notification, selective wipe or completely erase data as well as push out wireless and VPN settings and restrict applications such as Facebook and snapchat during office hours. 

Handy analysis tools also allow you see the activity logs of each device as well as how many people are connecting to your network and when.

If you want to be able to monitor and enforce your company internet and security policies then call us on 01224 443896 or email and we will provide a free demo.

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